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Pacific Theatre 1945 gaming tables inspiration

DRAFT Players Pack Construction Notes

CANCON 2017 ChoC DRAFT Players pack notes
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Discussion Points - Elites or no Elites? 

Until I learned how to use artillery properly, Elites were the 'insta win' list, something I despised in other games. They need to be toned down - How hard?  One house rule is Elites with 6 command dice have 5 regular d6's and a 1d4 die to stop turn chains and extra CoC dice chains. Is this enough? Does it also need an extra 2 points adjustment? Would this help enough? Should I add 'non-elite' US and British Paratroopers so these lists can be played, but are not elite?

Discussion Point - Europe 1945 Coculator lists 

No real questions, just the adjusted list costs. Any questions or queries about this?

Europe 1945 Lists

These are the back of the book lists with adjusted prices.
All lists are Coculator prices.

Infantry Platoon Regular = 0
Infantry Platoon Green = -5

Panzer Grenadier Platoon Regular = +3

Fallschirmjager Platoon Regular = +5

Leader with an SMG add +1 (rather than +2) and there is no cost for rifles and pistols.

Infantry Platoon where the Lieutenant has a pistol = -1
If the officer has a Sten or Thompson then this increases to 0
Motor Rifle Platoon = -1
Airborne Platoon = +11

Infantry Platoon = -1
Armored Rifle Platoon = +2
Notes on US forces: In the infantry platoon the BAR team should have ONE crew and two riflemen.

Infantry Platoon Green = -7
Infantry Platoon Regular = -3
Tank Rider Platoon Regular = -2

Discussion point - Pacific 1945 Lists

These were the first ones I have found that seem okay for Pacific 1945. Can people suggest other sources? Can someone suggest a Pacific modified Australia/Commonwealth & Japanese support list?
I will be making one that includes additions for each item available from Wartime miniatures in the recent Kickstarter range. I will also respond to any "I have one of these models, what is the cost" requests sent to me before December 24 2016 by registered players.

Pacific Lists are gathered from various internet sources.

The Rifle Platoon Regular = 1

Infantry Platoon where the Lieutenant has a pistol = -1
If the officer has a Sten, Owen, or Thompson then this increases to 0
Source: Back of the book British/Commonwealth list

G-Series Regular = 5

Monday, September 19, 2016

Chain of Command 2017 Preview

This is a placeholder for the information needed to play Cancon Chain of Command 2017