Monday, November 7, 2016

Players Pack - Options, Prizes, Sponsors, Booking

No one chose optional lists (update December 2016)

Expanded Support chosen by several players. Must field fully painted miniature, must have cost from the expanded support list online, if it dies in a game it is gone for the tournament. (update December 2016)

Scenario Pack: A printed/ tablet version of this pack.
Force: A fully painted 28 mm army that includes a base platoon and support options. 
Rulebook: A printed/ tablet version of the rulebook.
Roster: Your platoon list and support list.
Dice & Templates: Please bring your own dice, shock markers, templates.
Tournament Organiser (T.O.) : Bart Beswick; Phone preferred only for TXT MESSAGES: 0407 962 774.
Tournament Principles: These games are organised to give people good games in a friendly environment. If the numbers are sufficient, we will keep to Theatre and Axis V Allies as much as possible. If we experience a severe imbalance, "Blue on Blue" games, and "Europe V Pacific" games are possible. To prevent this as much as possible, the T.O. and Scott Driscoll will have multiple armies across Europe and Pacific & Axis and Allies in order to balance forces and theatres.  
How? - - Scroll down and click the "Festival Director" picture square with the two theatre masks.  Too late fully booked
General Info -
Prize Principles: Certificates for Best General, Best Painted, Best & Fairest. Prize Support: Provided by Random Draw. 
AETHERWORKS: (Australian Made Templates, Bases, and 15mm armies)
WAR AND PEACE GAMES: ( 15mm and 28mm armies)

BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES: (Australian Made Templates and Buildings. The 2016 ChoC T.O. runs this, so they really know ChoC!)   

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